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End the Boredom!  A Sexy Life in Balance!

End the Boredom! A Sexy Life in Balance!

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Hi!  I’m Dr. Lori C. Ebert Dr. SexTalk® and you can talk to me about SEX!

Passionate for Sex by Ende Flickr

Passionate for Sex

People talk about having a great sex life, but sometimes all they do is talk!  Great sex lives aren’t something you can just pick up at the store, take home and problem solved!  It doesn’t work that way in relationships.  It takes dedicated effort, mindfulness, creativity and action to make great sex happen!

The problem is some people can’t even talk about sex!   Sometimes I have to urge them to say basic anatomical words like “penis” or “vagina”!  You’d be surprised how many adults giggle and blush just talking about their own bodies!  If that’s you, don’t worry you are not alone!  But ask yourself – how can you have an extraordinary sex life if you can’t talk about it?  Your partner can’t read your mind and you aren’t going to know what they like unless you’re able ask them.

Sex is healthy, fun and for everyone!

In order to do this, people must be in touch with who they are sexually and that is where I come in!  Whether you want to learn more about yourself, ask a question, learn a new position, practice safe sex or see what other people are doing and saying– you’ve come to the right place!  My commitment, coaching and experience will set you free and give you the extraordinary sex life you want!

Why Dr. SexTalk?

I will partner with you to have an amazing sex life because my passion for sex goes beyond the bedroom!  As a Health Educator I am committed to sexual wellness to prevent death and disease.  I also want you to have fun!  Seriously, if more people were having great sex they’d be happier and we might have world peace!

I have a lot to say about SEX and I want to share it with you!  With Dr. SexTalk you’ll explore the mental, emotional, and social aspects of sex – not just the physical.  Yes, the physical is the fun part but only when everything else is in order!  Our BRAIN is the largest sex organ and diving into how we think, feel and act is more fun than you can imagine!  Why wait?  Come inside and see what you might find… Nothing is taboo!