Aries – Intuitive Sexual Warrior

Aries Photo from Flickr

Aries Photo from Flickr

March 21 – April 20

“Intuitive Sexual Warrior”

I AM the essence of NOW… it will manifest later.

Element: FIRE (enthusiastic, high energy)
Modality: CARDINAL (motivated, self-starting, ambitious)
Polarity: Masculine/Yang
Ruling Planet: Mars
Zodiac Symbol: The Ram

Harmonious compatibility: Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Pisces
Difficult compatibility: Cancer, Libra, Capricorn
Turbulent compatibility: Virgo, Scorpio
Opposite (mirror image) with: Libra

Sexy Aries Traits:
Assertive, adventurous, will try anything once, energetic, takes chances, self-confident, dynamo, enthusiastic, will venture into new territory, impulsive, wanting, desire, takes action, explosive, quick, spontaneous and good for early morning, sparks of impulse, and intuitive sexual pioneer.

Naughty Aries Traits:
Selfish, impulsive, doesn’t think first, foolhardy daredevil, impatient, flirtatious, quick temper, frustration, aggressive, sexism, prejudice, anti-social, zenophobia, delusions of grandeur, over-reactive and defensive.

Aries Female Aries Male How to Attract an Aries

SextacularⓇ Astrology for Aries
As the first sign of the zodiac, Aries is the beginning of anything new when it comes to sex. This intuitive Ram Warrior signifies the seed of desire and leaving behind the old to launch into new beginnings! This does not mean they aren’t into good old regular missionary style sex, they like that too – this sexual sign likes anything to do with sex. What it does mean is they never hesitate to try something new or blaze into unknown territory sexually. Their Big Bang approach to sex brings new ideas, activities and possibilities into the bedroom or kitchen or bathroom!

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars. This planet symbolizes action, energy, courage, conflict, violence, war, desire and sex. Aries are the natural Sexual Warriors of the zodiac! If you’re having sex with an Aires you can expect to be drawn into their sexual war of desire, impulse and “me first” actions! Although they will get to you, more than likely they will want to do what they want to do first, and probably convince you to agree with them. They are pioneers so if you tell them your secret desires they will likely make them come true! Beware, even if you don’t share, this self-confident dynamo might intuit your deepest desires and take a chance at making it happen.

Aries likes everything right now! When they are in the mood they are in the mood right then and they don’t like to wait. Telling them you have to take a shower, change into lingerie or finish what you’re doing first is the surest way to kill the moment. If you’re going to be with an Aires you better get used to this fireball who is totally “me first”, impulsive, and enthusiastic beyond reason! Aries represents the age of 0 – 7 years, so think of youngster who isn’t afraid to do anything and gives you a sense of joy with their adventurous approach to life!

Beyond all this excitement Aries have some naughty traits that may drive you nuts. They are so impulsive they often don’t think first. They are so involved in their world of “Me first” they aren’t even aware of others sometimes. If an Aries suitor likes you and wants you they will go for it without thinking! They can almost be aggressive or forceful. Maybe you’re in public, or friends that haven’t crossed that line. It’s not until after the fire is going and you say something they’ll realize the other person isn’t in the same fire. They are so “me first” and a natural warrior they blaze into anything they want. They aren’t unreasonable if you’re not feeling it, they just don’t naturally think outside themselves first. They can be foolhardy in love and be addicted to the excitement of anything new. They can fall in love too fast, too foolishly and too often. I’d venture to say a high number of sex addicts have Aries traits. Although you love it when they are flirtatious with you, they can be the same way with everyone! Sex can be spontaneous, quick, to the point and even a bit volatile at times. If you want hours of romantic, cuddly sex on a regular basis you might be frustrated with an Aires! If you want explosive, adventurous sex that blows your mind Aires is a good choice!

Aries MALE
You can get a sense of this classic sign in these famous Aries men: Marlon Brando, Colin Farrell, Steve McQueen, Vince Vaughn, Charlie Chaplin, James Caan and William Shatner. They are “the one” in their world and definitely personify the Aries Conquistadors. Aries is a masculine sign so male Aries are very at home in this fire element. They are like an unstoppable ball of fire exploding onto the scene. Life is for the taking and love and sex are pursued – they don’t want for invitations! Aries rules the gonads, adrenal glands, blood, muscles, testosterone and hair! You can bet your Aries likes getting oral sex, having his testicles stimulated and the smell of sweat. They like hair so although you should trim, you don’t need to shave everything off! They are into scents of all kind so cologne, perfume, sweat or delicious smelling hair will get them every time. They will like anything that gets their adrenaline going – especially marathon sex. They like to rough house during sex and get into teasing and begging. They may also like domination or active bondage & domination. They like missionary sex because it gets the job done quick but they also like doggy style or Tantric sex. The Aries man is also insterested in active anal activities – if not for the sheer pleasure then for the fact it’s uncharted territory and he loves to break ground! This lustful male is impossible to resist once he has his eyes on you so hold on for incredible sex with this Sexual Warrior!

This zodiac sign is represented perfectly in these famous women: Betty Davis, Victoria Beckham, Joan Crawford, Aretha Franklin, Sarah Jessica Parker and Rosie O’Donnell. If any of these women walked in a room there would be no question of who was #1! This might be from the subtle grace of Betty, the sheer beauty of Victoria, the personality of Joan, the subtle naturalness of Sarah or the verbal lashings of Rosie! Whatever their poison, an Aries woman’s presence is undeniable. Unlike the mail Aries who is the fire in the room, the female starts fires. As a female in a masculine sign she embodies the element of fire instead of acting it out like her male counterpart. She gets the fire going! She is a natural strategist who can incite others into a fury or force a hand while remaining cool and calm. She may smoke others into getting what she wants. Aires rules the eggs, menstrual cycle, adrenal glands, blood, muscles, testosterone and hair! The Aires female will most certainly enjoy getting oral sex. They may be more willing to be sexually active during their menstrual cycles as well. This sign loves hair so they may prefer beards, goatees, long hair or hairy bodies. She is turned on by scents including the sweat of hard physical work after a round of marathon sex. This independent woman is private and does not have a burning desire to be in a partnership. Much like a child in the terrible-two’s she is head strong, selfish and can be a force to be reckoned with in the bedroom! She may like younger partners, a rugged look and beards or stubble. She would not shy away from the adventure of a threesome with two females and a male, sex on the side or sex with strangers. She likes larger penises and mutual masturbation as well as getting analingus. She might be into role reversal and likes sex with the woman on top, standing or right on the floor. Whatever favors her fancy will favor yours too with this sexually liberated woman!

How to Attract an Aries
Smelling good and wearing the color red is a great start! Aires love anything red and are naturally drawn to this exotic color of fire, love, roses, fire, blood, and desire. Most of all don’t be shy! If you like them let them know! This sign is not for the faint of heart. You can win them over by going for it and complimenting them along the way. You must be authentic because their intuitive nature will see right through you if you are trying to fake it. Don’t try to dominate them – they don’t like this or any type of dictatorship. They are in charge and they will be the ones giving orders or saying how it goes. They love sports so this would be a good date right along with any other adventurous activity. Be sure to rest up before spending time with an Aries. They have a natural energy that can wear anyone down! They can go non-stop and pick up more steam when you’re down for the count. They love giving advice and will be generous with their time, counsel, and sympathy if you need it.