Cancer – Sensitive Crab

Cancer Photo from Flickr

Cancer Photo from Flickr

June 21 to July 22

Sensitive Crab

I FEEL and CONNECT as ONE family.

Element:  WATER (emotional, intuitive)
Modality:  CARDINAL (motivated, self-starting, ambitious)
Polarity:  Yin/Feminine
Ruling Planet:  The Moon
Zodiac Symbol:  The Crab

Harmonious compatibility:  Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces, Taurus, Gemini
Difficult compatibility:  Libra, Capricorn, Aires
Turbulent compatibility:  Sagittarius, Aquarius
Opposite (mirror image) with:  Capricorn

Sexy Cancer Traits: caring, protective, nurturing, sensitive, creative, loyal, imaginative, private, domestic, patriotic, affectionate and passionate.

Devilish Cancer Traits: emotional, moody, sensitive, reclusive, avoidant, difficult communicator, hidden, secretive and changeable.

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Have you ever tasted crab?  Well if you haven’t you’re missing out on one of the best delicacies in life.  The same is true when it comes to the sign Cancer, our little crab of the zodiac!

Cancer is the sign that nurtures and grows our garden with its moonbeams and motherly/fatherly love.  This intuitive sign reflects on itself and approaches life from a feeling based perspective.
This is a swift change from the logical, mental approach of Gemini.  Whereas Gemini relates to others through their minds, Cancer connects to others via their feelings on a personal level.
Cancer is the area of the zodiac that represents nurturing, bonding, mothering, family, childhood, ancestry and how those things are passed down.  Everything a Cancer experiences flows through all these channels and that is how they relate to the world.

This is one sign that must have roots, feel settled and have something – usually family, that is all theirs.  This sensitive sign needs to retreat into its shell somewhere safe from the rest of the world.  They are so much like a real crab – hard on the outside and super soft on the inside.  You won’t know you’ve hurt them because you’ll think it’s bounced off their shell – it didn’t.  They absorb everything and forget nothing, they just won’t tell you.  They don’t like to deal with anything head on so they can be a bit sneaky about things they want -just like a crab that moves sideways.  They dislike being vulnerable so they will take care of others before they let others take care of them.  Crabs are loyal and nurturing.  Once you become a part of their inner circle they will trust you with their life, just don’t screw up.  True to the animal, they will lose a claw before they let you go.  Crabs are able grow back new limbs, people can’t.  Cross this sign and they can be nasty, vindictive and claw you to shreds!  They may forgive you but you have forever altered the way they will bond with you.

They love their children, partners and family so much they can easily smother them with their doting attention and care.  Fiercely loyal, everything in their world is about their family or children.  A male Cancer friend told me once “We decided to have kids right away so we could spend the majority of our lives with them.”  This is not something most male signs will say because no other sign has this same parenting instinct. If you are looking for a girl to run your house, protect your children and be an incredible mother, Cancer is your gal.  It’s not that other female signs can’t do this; it’s just no other sign is more natural at mothering.  If you’re looking for a guy who isn’t scared to marry, have children and be a soccer dad, Cancer is your guy!  He isn’t afraid of any of this, in fact he requires it.  Its just part of his genetic-zodiac make up.

You may think you’ve died and gone to heaven with this loving, delicate crustacean.  Not so fast.  This sign is ruled by the moon, which changes signs every two days.  The moon also rules the tides of the ocean, which can be soft and subtle, or tsunami like.  This is true with Cancer and you’re never quite sure what you’re going to get.  They are the moodiest of signs and can drag you into the depths of their ocean floor if you let them.  If you take it personally or are sensitive yourself this might be a challenge.  They don’t particularly like being this way it’s just that something greater causes these internal rifts.  On a good day they’re at your door with flowers and candy and on a bad day they retreat into their hard shells.  You’re best bet is to let them do their thing and just be there for them when they come out.  It’s just what they do.

When others see this obvious vulnerability, it’s hard not to show some reciprocal nurturing.  Sometimes you can and other times you can’t.  Just wanting to do this will make all the difference with a Cancer, because they’ll intuitively feel you pulling for them.  When you feel like they are being impossible just remember how gooey and soft they are inside.  This is one of those signs you have to take the good with the bad.  You know there is a risk of getting pinched.  It’s hard to refuse this sign because they are so loving and gentle.  Besides who doesn’t want to be nurtured?

Falling in love with them won’t be hard, but having a Cancer fall in love with you will be.  As much as this sign loves to nurture, tend an care for others they hate to be vulnerable.  They resist this with all their might until they just can’t resist any more.  It’s the paradox of Cancer.  They have an uncanny way of objectifying their feelings and relationships if you aren’t in their inner most circles.  No matter how much they want that homey relationship, they can hold you off forever and wait you out.  On the other hand, if they are interested in you they will get straight to business to determine if you are marriage or family material.  Once they do fall for you, it’s over.  Despite the fact they tend to push you away more than pull you in sometimes, their claws have dug in deep.  They just can’t risk being vulnerable until they know they have a solid grip on you.


Women are already moody so you might as well get very comfortable with the idea a Cancer woman is even moodier.  Say it over and over in the mirror – “She is just moody”.  Make this mantra your friend and you will sail on this beautiful sea without a problem.  It’s just like sailing… you need a little wind, a little sun, some subtle waves and it’s an incredible experience.  Any sailor knows however, that the sea can turn on a time with a fierce storm or waves that can flip your sail.  If you do all the prep work to prepare and don’t panic, you can survive the worst of storms.  It’s that simple with a Cancer woman.  Just hold onto to your sail in the storm and let the storm pass.  The peaceful day after is one of the best moments in life.  You won’t find a more serene and nurturing soul.  The Cancer woman is never sure of herself and finds her greatest potential in the expression of motherhood and bonding.  If you provide her with solid roots where she can practice nurturing others it will be smooth sailing.

Cancer MALE

Congratulations!  You’ve just picked the Prince Charming of the zodiac!  This perfect gentleman is clean cut, the nice guy next-door, cool and composed.  He is Mr. Sensitive in tune with his feelings and not afraid to show you if you’re in his inner circles.  He is the proverbial good provider and will treat you like a Queen and even better if you bear his children.  He will cherish you to the point of worship and you’ll wonder why every woman doesn’t have a Cancer man.  It’s probably because it takes a certain kind of woman to treat a hard-shelled crab as soft as they really are inside.  They have to buffer that shell and handle him with kid gloves showing the same dedication and loyalty he shows.  They also have to cope with a moody man who can be overly smothering, responsible, needy, pretentious and very reclusive.  This reclusive behavior can be all consuming at times and their partners must be able to avoid the quicksand.  Scorpio’s are a good match because they can draw the crab out and Cancer has a magical way of dealing with this sign.  Pisces, another emotion water bearing sign works well but their dualistic nature can be too much for Cancer.  Earthy signs like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are very good matches because of a natural symbiosis.  Capricorn will be harder than the other two because their grounded seriousness might play too much into the moody reclusive behavior holding them both back.  Fire signs like Leo, Sagittarius and Aries bring out the worst in Cancer.

How to Attract a CANCER

To attract this sign you must show that loving, nurturing side of yourself.  You must appear safe, kind and gentle at all cost or this crab will not come out of its shell.  Your secret weapon is laughter.  This sign, much like Gemini, loves to laugh.  If you don’t have a good sense of humor you might not even make it into their world.  You also have to understand their subtle humor and big-picture approach to life.  If you take everything they say literally then you’ll be in big trouble.  For this sign sex and marriage or relationship go hand in hand!  This is not the sign for one night stands!  They love the damsel in distress or helping the man who can’t help himself.  So drop your handkerchief, crack a funny line and Cancer will be at your side.  They love to do anything at home or near water.  Any loving, family feeling event will soothe their souls.  Family picnics, reunions, a barbeque with friends at home or pool party will work great.    You should be kind, gentle, doting and let them dote on you without being a doormat.  They want a partner they can bond with for life.  Once they do marry you they are one of the least likely signs to stray!