Capricorn – Sensitive Goat

Capricorn Photo from Flickr

Capricorn Photo from Flickr

“Sensitive Goat”

December 22 to January 19


Element: EARTH (practical, disciplined)

Modality: CARDINAL (motivated, self-starting, ambitious)

Polarity: Yin/Feminine

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Zodiac Symbol: The Sea Goat

Most compatible with: Taurus, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces

Least compatible with: Aries, Libra, Gemini, Leo

Opposite (mirror image) with: Cancer

Sexy Capricorn Traits: structured, organized, ambitious, plans ahead, leadership, refinement, maturation, determination, command and sophistication

Devilish Capricorn Traits: overly cautious, rigid, pessimistic, exclusivity, fatalism, self-doubt, and pessimism, ostentatious and obsessive.

SextacularⓇ Astrology for Capricorn

It’s time to turn over a new leaf in our sex garden!  There isn’t a better sign to do this than the Saturn ruled Capricorn: Master of Sacrifices for the larger good.  In order to have the best garden next year, everything must be cut back and pruned.  The Capricorn lesson is to grow strong from a weak place, which is exactly what the plants do when they are pruned.  If we do this every year then the growth is stronger and the year after that even stronger and this cycle continues on and on.

This is the astrological lesson of Capricorn!  This sign has an innate need to sacrifice in order to manifest results for some greater purpose.  The Sea-Goat is the mythological creature that brings old world knowledge from the sea-of-creation to the wandering-lands-of-earth, manifesting its desires.  You’ll see this is one of the most hardworking, diligent and successful signs of the zodiac.  They will get what they want by simple virtue of working hard, commitment, step-by-step plans, responsibility and accountability.  This hard work however, does not come without a price.

Sagittarius is the sign just before Capricorn and is ruled by Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion.  As the next Zodiac sign, Capricorn is an opportunity to learn an opposing soul lesson.  Saturn, the planet of containment and restriction, rules these Capricorn Sea-Goats.  What becomes available are rites of passage opportunities, major lessons and crossroads.  The Capricorn experience; dictated by its powerful, planetary father Saturn forces us to reckon with life, our selves and provides the challenges to do it!  Capricorn is well prepared considering they just left those speculative, jovial and optimistic truth seeking traits.  With an authoritarian, mature and demanding process they approach life as a realist.

The real deal is their need and ability to learn and grow.  Like all signs identity lessons start in the 30’s when a person really has an awareness of who they are.  A person’s maturity, understanding and responses to the Saturn lessons will dictate how future lessons are learned and the experience of future transits.  If each lesson is learned then the growth of the next lesson is even greater.  If not, well there could be troubled waters and you’ll have a partner stuck in some stage.  Are you wondering what if any of this has to do with sex? Well it does – a lot!  If this conversation is already too serious, too heavy or over your head – you better keep it moving!

The serious, fatherly influence of Saturn is omnipresent for Capricorns and it isn’t going anywhere.  If you want a playful and detached partner then find a Gemini.  If you want that sunny disposition and childlike approach, then hook up with a Leo!  This earthy sign is all about obedience, obligation, structure, plans, commitment, discipline, accountability and responsibility.  No other sign has the self-acquired level of responsibility like Capricorn.  They take a step-by-step approach to life and their dreams and nothing will stop them from getting what they want!

They may not sound like much fun yet, but just hold on!  There is an earthy, dominating and kinky sex side to this sign you won’t want to overlook!  They work hard during the day but work just as hard at bedding you at night – and trust me, it’s a night you’ll never forget.  Before you go there completely take a long hard look at your Capricorn partner.  These ultra responsible people can be very isolated even among the largest of crowds.  Their ability to climb to the top of their symbolic mountain is very profound, but keep in mind there aren’t a lot of people at the top with them.

It’s very common for people of this sign to be the older responsible child, the only child or the mature child that tends to and cares for others.  Somewhere, somehow in their life they have assumed a duty of more responsibility.  It’s true they are like a wise, fatherly Goat climbing the rugged terrains of any mountain.  They can do this totally empowered or disempowered, and consumed by that responsibility.  If you break down the word it’s really ability of response and the lesson to be learned is about how to respond to others.  In classic victim fashion, some Capricorns take this on with complete self-sacrifice putting everyone else first and totally discarding their own needs.  It doesn’t take long for them to be grouchy, burnt out and not pleasant to be around.  This is a major lesson for them to learn!

When Capricorns say no and create boundaries in their life they become empowered.  They make choices based on their own beliefs, priorities and principals not out of some duty or obligation they probably made up.  A Capricorn will become truly empowered when they operate from a space of being responsible for others because it’s the right thing to do for THEM.  This removes the sacrifice and replaces it with choice.  You want to determine which end your love interest is on because this sign can experience bouts of darkness that can be all consuming.  This stagnation, struggle, deprivation and depression can be an energy zapper even for the strongest people!  Everyone has bad days but in a negative cycle Capricorn will live from ordeal to ordeal never really getting the life lesson.

When it comes to love, this serious sign just needs a partner who can be serious and lighthearted at the same time!  They will laugh with a mate who is stimulating, engaging, knowledgeable and grounded of course.  But make no mistake, they will get right back to business.  A Capricorn lover will not throw out words of endearment just to get something – they have to mean it and feel it.  Capricorns do not have meaningless adventures; there must be some possibility of a future or family.  They also want a devoted partner and once they commit it’s very difficult and unlikely for them to walk away.

If you’ve made it this far then you’ll understand the saying “…good things come to those who wait…”  Nothing could be truer for a Capricorn love partner!  Sex with a Capricorn is lovemaking at its best.  They are not in it for a shallow experience and will seek a deep level of satisfaction for their partner then themselves.  They do not separate love and sex – it is one and the same to experience it to the level they desire.  Instinctually they know when they have found a right partner and that is all they need to move ahead.  Staying true to their instinctual behavior of taking things over, they will also take you over, sexually, emotionally, mentally and physically!  They will ground you, organize you and satiate you, which may not be so bad for some signs!  In reality, Virgo is probably too traditional for a Capricorn and Taurus too fixed although it can work because both are earth signs.  Scorpio is far too intense and Pisces too ambivalent.  They can provide the necessary praise to a Leo who is completely intrigued by Capricorn thus making them good mates.

How to Attract a Capricorn Woman

The Capricorn woman is like a Christmas present all wrapped up but you’re never sure what’s under the paper.  The outside of the present is what you’d expect – paper, tape and boxes.  The inside contains a present as unpredictable as Kate Moss, Kristie Alley, Mary J. Blige, Pat Benatar or Susan Lucci; or very Capricorn like Sissy Spacek, Mary Tyler Moore, Diane Sawyer, Faye Dunaway and Diane Keaton!  I’ll tell you a little secret; you’re going to get both.  There is one on the outside and another on the inside!  Not as extreme as the Scorpio Madonna-Whore syndrome, but a close second!

Watch out!  This woman is smoldering and goes from 0 to hot in seconds with just a touch!  She is a scratcher and screamer and doesn’t have a problem attaining orgasm one right after another.  She doesn’t need much foreplay and definitely likes to take the lead when it comes to sex.  She is like an extreme-sexual athlete and expects her partner to have the same kind of endurance and stick-to it power!  She is not about surprises or silly wild positions; standard duty does the job.  And tell her ahead so she can plan.  A man may definitely need a vibrator with this woman who not only can endure prolonged lovemaking, she keeps going like the Energizer Bunny!  She also loves toys, which you’ll need to like as well.  This girl will wear you out but it’s never a one-sided deal, she expects and will get her satisfaction.  So don’t think she will go down on you without you going down on her!  This possible nymphomaniac needs to feel the earth move when she climaxes and you better be holding on or her earthquake might engulf you!  She has a sadistic side that is simply shocking with it’s spanking, biting and all types of anal play.  This is one case when that older looking woman and her worldly wisdom of sex is worth all that Saturn seriousness and responsibility.  Probably because it’s her one outlet with total freedom!

How to Attract a Capricorn Man

The elitist male Capricorn will take his sophisticated, steadfastness and apply it until he gets what he wants – right between your legs!  This self-taught lover, usually with the help of older women, is a force to be reckoned with!  Don’t let his aloof, and stately demeanor put you off.  This is just how he is, nothing much impresses or excites a Capricorn.  That doesn’t mean life isn’t an amusement park for this male, because it is and he’ll ride every ride!  Sturdy Capricorns like Jim Carey, Denzel Washington, Cuba Gooding Jr., Kevin Costner and Matt Lauer ride in the park just like Orlando Bloom, Jude Law, Elvis and Nicholas Cage and last but not least, Mr. McDreamy himself – Patrick Dempsy!

Capricorn males bring the gusto of a wild animal to lovemaking and this lusty male makes you feel all-Woman!  His earthy sensuality is experienced through sheer physical lovemaking, lots of it and for long amounts of time.  He will satisfy you beyond what you’ve ever known, especially if he detects he can tap into a hidden sexual side.  He not only wants to be the man and dominate you, he needs to.  His fantasies will be of taking you hard, being in control, covering your mouth or eyes and taking you to the edge of something extreme!  Beware, he can hinge on the verge of chauvinistic and cruel!  This is the sign that can take S & M or perversions to the extreme.  They tend to like gagging, harsh nipple play and submissive roles that put a woman very close to a rape like experience.  This can be an erotically satisfying experience but both partners must be clear on what works and doesn’t work.  As long as you both agree then the world is your oyster!  This experienced Goat will take you places like no other man ever has!

I’ll tell you a few secrets about a Capricorn male.  This man gets better with age!  He gets wiser, more refined and his sexual endurance increases!  He can control himself for as long as necessary until you come, take a bathroom break, chitchat – or whatever.  He’ll simply hold off and keep himself ready to go.  You won’t outdo this sign.  The second big secret is this man needs love.  He needs to know you like him and he doesn’t like waiting for you when he wants you.  No need to play games, he’ll see right through it.  Just tell him how you feel or give a logical reason why you don’t want to try something.  He’ll be patient and step-by-step with that sturdy, steadfast approach gets it any way.  This is especially true with anal play or sex; one of this signs very favorites.  He also loves toys so expect to have a lot of variety.  This dirty, erotic type of sex stirs his loins from the core and he usually can’t get enough.  Deeply passionate about the sex experience he can sometimes overlook or plain step on his partner.  Assess the maturity of your Capricorn and how he’s managed his life.  When he’s managed himself well, this loving earth sign can be a great partner.  He’ll kiss you, sex you and womanize you 24/7/365 days a year.  And as long as he knows you like him, he’ll be loyal and tend to your sexual needs quite diligently!