I Am Obsessed With My Body Image – Is This Normal?

Body Image Issues - Questions About Body Image

Body Image Issues - Questions About Body Image

Well, Yes! Almost everyone worries about their body when it comes to sex!

Find me one person who is 100% satisfied with EVERY single thing about their body and you’ve found a rare thing!  You might be a hot “10″ or look like a model but I guarantee you there is still something on your body you don’t like.  The prettiest most fit girl in the room will tell you she has a fat butt or her nose is too big.  That gorgeous tall man that makes you drool is worried his legs are too skinny or that he’s balding early.

Beautiful bodies come in all shapes and sizes!

The real issue is most Americans are socialized with media, movie stars, musicians and print to believe absolute perfection is beautiful.  I’m not saying it isn’t but it’s unrealistic to believe that same perfection exists in ourselves.  Any down to earth movie star or model will tell you it takes hours and an entire crew of people to obtain that perfect look!

WOMEN – just take a look at Oprah.  She has wilingly allowed herself to be shot and on her own TV show without makeup and in a bathrobe!  She looks nothing like she does on her show or magazine, yet it doesn’t seem to matter.   It’s REAL and she is comfortable.  If you haven’t seen that look for the new DOVE campaign that is using older and everyday women to promote their products.  People that look just like you and I.  Besides, most men will tell you that prefer a woman who is NOT perfect or done up all the time.

“When there is a naked woman in the room all we see is a naked woman!”

I will have to say that typically women are more forgiving when it comes to looks but ladies, men are WAY MORE forgiving than we give them credit for.  I’m not saying stop taking care of yourself and eating well and excercising.  You should do that for your own health. What I am saying is when you look at your self-perceived flaws reframe them into something positive as part of your own unique beauty!  Look at this picture and see beyond the physical “flaws” and imagine how sexy she is belly dancing for a man!

MEN – it’s really no different for you.  We seem to be able to see beyond the physical aspects because we’re usually not as visual.  A woman is going to be captivated by your mind, your smile, how you treat her and how you listen to her!   She is not worried about skinny calves or abs that aren’t quite a six-pack!  Look at the picture below… the only thing your woman is going to be thinking about is the fact you’re cooking her dinner!

The secret is to feel sexy no matter what you look like!  HOW DO YOU DO THIS?

I live by the old rule “If you want to be rich then live like you’re rich.”  So BE it even though you may not totally feel it or believe it yourself!  Find out what makes you feel sexy and work it from there.  Wear sexy lingerie, change your hair, buy a new outfit, have sex or masturbate!  Most importantly tell yourself all day long how hot and sexy you are!

When you believe it – everyone else will believe it.  When you’re between the sheets like you’re the hottest, sexiest thing in town that is what he will think and sex will be out of this world!

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