Leo – Intuitive Lion

Leo Photo from Flickr

Leo Photo from Flickr


“Intuitive Lion”

July 23 to August 22


Element: FIRE (enthusiastic, high energy)

Modality: FIXED (loyal, enduring, determined)

Polarity: Yang/Masculine

Ruling Planet: The Sun

Zodiac Symbol: The Lion

Most compatible with: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra

Least compatible with: Taurus, Scorpio, Capricorn, Pisces

Opposite (mirror image) with: Aquarius


Sexy Leo Traits: natural leaders, creative, confident, strong, loyal, optimistic, charming, passionate, expressive, dramatic, prideful and playful

Devilish Leo Traits:  must be #1, self-absorbed, impulsive, demands respect, a show-off out of fear or insecurity, lazy, fickle, irrational, and impulsive.

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The charm of a Leo man or woman is irresistible when they turn it on!  Seriously, who would deny the King/Queen of the Jungle on any level – physically, mentally, emotionally or spiritually?  Are you not sure if you’re dealing with a Leo?  That’s easy – it’s all about the hair when it comes to Leo’s!  Think about a lion – its mane is its pride, glory and protection.  As much as it hides the Lion, it announces and defines the Lion.  So Lion or Lioness, look for a distinct “mane” of hair.  They will either be bald, have a full long mane; heavy or large, short and spiked, colorful, dreadlocks – something, but it will be distinctive and hard to miss!  As a child, a Leo girl will spend hours on her hair and demand it look good before she goes out in public – child or adult!  I actually convinced a friend not to put her Leo daughter in a swim class because of her long, thick, gorgeous black hair (that was her life).  I knew the trauma of daily swimming; chlorine and having to style it would traumatize this teenager!  It would have been plain cruel.  It’s not just girls either – young men and boys will stand out going bald early, a buzz cut or Mohawk when no one else will, long hair when it’s not accepted – something, but I promise it’s noticeable and distinctively important to them!

To test this theory, all you need to do is bring up being a Leo and say something like “For a Leo it’s all about the hair.”  With a regal ‘wow-I’m-special-and-glad-you-get-that’ pride; they will smile, saunter, touch their mane and exclaim, “How did you know!”  At this point plan on talking about hair for a few minutes, especially with a Leo woman.  Does all this talk about their hair seem silly or bore you, well if so you may want to move on to another sign now!  While for most of us hair is just another part of our body, to a Leo it’s a noble distinction of who they are.  It makes them special and different from the others, just think about it.  What other animal in the jungle has such a large, unavoidable attraction like a Lion’s mane?  Peacocks have gorgeous displays on large wings but is vulnerable and wouldn’t do much to protect you.  A porcupine has distinctive “hair” with its body of quills but they just poke you.  A Lion has that soft mane of hair they lure you into petting like one big loving kitty; until they decide to eat you!

It’s almost funny how much insight you gain into Leo psyche through this conversation – just don’t let them know you’re laughing.  That will not only wound their pride you will completely disrespect them on this important matter and you won’t fare well!  Show your genuine interest and they will beam with the classic Leo pride, confidence, regality and sunny disposition – just like any Lion or Lioness would when the other animals of the jungle worship them.  You’ll immediately feel their loyalty and deep sunny love because you have just made them feel special.  Make a Leo feel special and their rays of sunshine will light up your world to the point you’ll do it over and over again it feels so good!  However, even when you don’t feel like doing it, or they are on your last nerves you’ll still need to tend to them and make them feel special.  Even if you are sick, worked a long day and cooked dinner you’ll have to tend to them and treat them special.  Even if you had a fight that morning… well, you get the drift.  You have to find it in yourself because if you can’t and it continues over time, the Leo superiority will outweigh loyalty because they know they deserve special treatment.  It’s very simple and if you can deal with this, then welcome to the world of Leo!  This hot, sunny and passionate experience is something you don’t want to miss!

If you’re considering a Leo lover and you’ve made it past the hair you’re off to a good start.  It takes bravado and a sense of adventure to risk the walk along side the King of the Jungle!  Lions roam, guard, sleep and worship the sun most of the time – at least until they are hungry or angry.  Then with the precision and power of master hunter they will roar and devour a predator!  They are one of the most powerful animals on earth!  This is why compatible signs include a risk-taking Aries, a fast-playful Gemini, a luxurious and harmonious Libra and that adventurous Sagittarius!  They will risk that roar because once alongside them they are forever protected and adept at ruling the jungle from the second throne.  Although a bit lazy and sensual themselves, Taurus is too simple to deal with a Leo’s demands of being special; it’s not worth the time to a Scorpio, Capricorn is too serious and responsible which can suffocate a sunny Leo and Pisces is way too sensitive, ethereal and negative.

Remember how the brash Aries Warrior, ego manifest; inserts themselves into the world?  They must prove their worthiness in order to command the attention of others.  They fight the good fight to become your leader.  A Leo on the other hand, is experiencing the Self but doesn’t need to prove anything to the world; they are already inherently worthy.  They are born your leader and stand nobly in the spotlight waiting for others to naturally seek their command.  How could it be any other way for the King or Queen of the Jungle?  They are the natural born leaders of the zodiac with an inherent superiority you won’t find in any other sign.  In males this will be a noble, principled and strong-hearted fatherly man.  Females are strong, haughty-wildcats that stand above all others – just like all Queens’ do!

The sign of Leo represents creativity and what new creative, unique things we can bring into existence.  It’s often children for Leo.  Or they can be very child-like as the ying-side of their yang-leadership side.  This child-like playfulness is as irresistible as it is annoying, but who can really resist a child?  It’s nearly impossible when they are as special, courageous and full of life the way a Leo is.  They have a way of bringing others alive!  Much like they symbolize parenting they parent themselves and others.   As a Lion rules over and protects the Jungle your Leo will protect, parent and provide – male or female.  Leo represents the age of maturation from about 28 – 35.  There is a vast difference between 28 and 35, which span growths through dramatic, tyrannical stages, irrational behaviors and laziness to worldly success and stability.  It is possible a lower evolved Leo will always be seeking that untenable level of maturation and never quite makes it.  Just be sure you know what you’re getting because an out of control, childlike sun can burn you painfully!  Look to their early formative years to see what impacted their outlook and see how they manage it as an adult.  Even the most loathing and cynical Leo can be synergized and reborn when fueled with the right energy as an adult.  It must however, come from an internal locus of control but also be supported with praise, applause and nurturing support!  Even in its worst state, the sun is far too large, energizing and almost omnipresent to wither away!

In its most natural state he Leo Sun symbolizes the life force of who we are and our life purpose.  It’s the representation of our self-esteem, confidence levels and identity.  Leo’s know who they are so much so they let themselves shine so that you might see the same in yourself.  Your Leo love interest will beam with confidence and a solid sense of self.  It’s probably what you love best about them and on other days don’t love at all! If they are insecure they may try to cover it up with bravado or fake pretences.  This act is not only obvious, and in authentic it can be destructive.  Just think about the sun – it gives life to all living organisms abundantly.  However, get too much of it or fail to treat it respectfully it will burn you up.  Leo’s are the same way.

Of all the signs they seek that simple, purest of loves!  It’s honest, old-fashioned full of values, courage and devotion.  They have no problem telling you they want this, waiting for it and demanding it from you.  They will not only expect it, but also give it as fully.  Of all signs this is one sign that will not stray once they have committed their heart and love to you!  They do not seek sex once they find love – unless it’s from you!  Don’t get me wrong – they will do a lot of innocent (or not so innocent) seeking before they find you.  And if you aren’t meeting their needs, they will allow themselves to be carried off by a new love interest even if they wouldn’t do the same for a sexual dalliance.  Despite this, Leo is a fiercely loyal lover who will stay committed rather than give up and be wrong.  Take note, it’s a glimpse of their superiority complex – but is that really such a bad thing?  Their sunny disposition and generous warmth is profound and irresistible.  You’d be a little high and mighty yourself if you were the energy of the Sun!  Don’t worry, as long as you know how to handle all this fixed heat you’ll be fine.  There could be worse things in life!

Leo Woman

Hands down, this alluring, unpredictable bedroom mistress MUST be the one and only in your life!  She must be the ocean that feeds your river – at all times.  If she’s not, she’ll be it for someone else!  This sexually confident and aggressive woman must be admired and will play with hearts until she is, but not in an intentional hurtful way.  She’ll only give her self up to you when she deems you worthy and you must look AND act the part.  There aren’t any smoke screens for this Sassy Wildcat!  This woman will always look good; have the finest of things and a house suitable to entertain Presidents.  When you shower her with gifts they should be of the same standard or you won’t even make the cut.  Pinch pennies on a date, choose the cheap hotel room or scrimp unnecessarily and you’ll rule yourself out in a flash.  She will, unlike other signs return the lavish favor just as much as she expects it!  Sexually she is a healthy, animalistic, bed-partner who is very lascivious!  She has a strong alluring pull over men and uses this to her advantage.  This lady knows what she wants!  Dig out your 1000 count Egyptian sheets, finest candles and best champagne and strawberries before you wine and dine a Leo woman.  Don’t let their sunshine blind you silly.  Understand the kind of Leo woman you’re getting and make sure you can handle the baggage (or luggage if it was positive!) of her formative years.  Some Leo woman may have difficulties with their father who might be stern, a dictator or even predatory.  She in turn may become an overachiever, workaholic and not show any emotions.  Her hard outer layer of strength can become a barrier no one breaks through much like a Lion who rules alone, wandering, hurting and preys on others with a vengeance.  If this Lioness has healed and managed her painful past she will be one of the most powerful, roaring kitty’s you’ve ever had!

Leo Man

Although there are many similarities to the female Leo, the male Leo – well, he IS King of the Jungle.  This is a male in a fixed masculine sign.  He is the natural center of attention that will burn you silly if you aren’t careful.  His lazy, alluring prowess is irresistible to women who are always throwing themselves at a Leo man.  He’ll say, “Bring it on!”  The more the merrier for this Golden Boy who prances around with a sense of entitlement that is ridiculous but that you find yourself asking for more!  How can any reasonable woman deny this powerful, self-serving old-fashioned kind of guy?  Don’t worry, most don’t.

Unlike Scorpios who will deny themselves sexually as an extremity, a Leo will wait because they only want the best.  They will spend time looking for the best, a lot of time.   Their natural magnetism is the center of the cat-n-mouse game you see between men and women.  Think George Hamilton, Robert DeNiro, Antonio Banderas, Sean Penn, and Michael Douglas all attractive savage Leo’s.  If you don’t believe me about their staying power in relationships look at Antonio Banderas who despite off and on early years, remains with Melanie Griffith.  Michael Douglas was in a long-term marriage when he met Catherine Zeta Jones; a queen he fell in love with and left his wife to marry.  Despite his bad boy reputation Sean Penn has been in several long-term relationships.  Now that you understand Leo men can you see why it didn’t work with Madonna who is also a Leo?  There was likely too much burning sun in that relationship and not enough ability for that Leo man to adorn his Queen.  True to her name, Madonna is almost a mythical God in real-life and unfortunately, God will trump a King.

Male Leo’s are naturally drawn to women who have troubled relationships with their father.  As a natural protector and savior they will nobly rescue a female from this scenario that just goes against their moral compass as a man.  Make sure you aren’t getting a self-sacrificing, loathing and shameful Leo who will save everyone but himself.  There must be a natural balance for a successful relationship.  You should also know going into it he is a loner, flies solo when he wants and will not deviate from this.  He is fixed fire and you will need to adjust to him!

A slow burning fire isn’t so bad when it comes to sex.  This kingly fellow will conquer you and in one fell swoop take you with a masculine gusto that makes you scream.  This is good and he expects nothing less that screaming, moaning and verbal confirmation of his master performance.  Although you’ll be satisfied, he is self-serving in bed and is a huge fan of getting oral sex (can you think of a better way to praise his natural endowment?) but not necessarily giving it.  If you’re looking for something kinky or sleazy, go back to Scorpio, Pisces and even Aquarius.  This is a Tom Sawyer, vanilla-eating man!  He is happy with the missionary position and variations that keep a woman submissive.  He won’t spend much time on foreplay!  Do you see a Lion teasing its prey?  No, they pounce, conquer and devour.  Unlike a snake that will swallow it’s prey whole, the Lion will take its time once he’s conquered you.  To him you’ve been worth the wait and hunt, so sex is almost ritualistic and ceremonious.  It’s certainly tireless, passionate and slow but intense!  You won’t typically get it more than once a day.  To a Leo man, every sexual act is of such great magnitude and so Kingly of a performance, that an encore is never necessary – or so he thinks.  It won’t be hard to look past these majestic tendencies in the bedroom because every woman wants to be taken by a savage King and Leo knows this!

How to Attract a Leo

The most simple and sure-fire ways to lure is a Leo is flattery, worship and letting them be praised as the center of attention!  Give them the stage and spotlight them with sincere compliments, adoration and worship.  They will roll over and purr like the biggest cat in the animal kingdom.  It sounds simple, but it’s a fine art with this sign.  It must be sincere and it must be done in a empowering not an unworthy-I’m-a-doormat-slave kind of way.  Remember, they love to be adored but above all else they must be able to conquer and adore you, especially a Leo man.

They are really all or nothing when it comes to love.  Unlike other signs, they will wait for a lover that is worthy of their love.  They love the cat-n-mouse game and when many suitors seek their attention simultaneously.  They’ll make sure you know you aren’t the only one because that heats things up.  They aren’t in a hurry!  They’d rather wait for that noble “real love” versus a quick fix.  This is a fixed-fire sign a contained fire that isn’t going anywhere but burns hot right where it is.  It’s like having a great bottle of fine wine.  You may courts a lot of people but you’re only going to uncork it for someone worthy of savoring it to the last drop!

Don’t hesitate to throw yourself at them but do it in a strong and fierce way that commands their adoration.  They are powerful, sexual masters of the bedroom and you can’t be shy.  You are a Queen to his King and can rule others but still need to tend by your man in a strong, demure way.  A Leo man will want to fight for you as much as they’ll need to woo you.  You don’t get to be King for doing nothing and a male Leo will need to feel like he can protect you like a father would.  A Leo woman will expect nothing less than for you to woo her and woo her right.  A man will need to let a Leo woman be strong and respect her for that as much as he does when she is weak and lets him catch her when she falls, which isn’t often.  Man or woman, the sunny sexual heat of a Leo will warm you to the bones and you’ll want to bask in it forever!