Libra – Balanced Thoughts and Senses

Libra Photo from Flickr

Libra Photo from Flickr

“Balanced Thoughts and Senses”
September 23 to October 22
I BALANCE… and we are harmoniously One.

Element:  AIR (intellectual, communicative)
Modality:  CARDINAL (motivated, self-starter, ambitious)
Polarity:  Yang/Masculine
Ruling Planet:  Venus
Zodiac Symbol:  The Scales

Harmonious companionship:  Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini and Virgo
Difficult companionship:  Capricorn, Aires and Cancer
Turbulent companionship:  Pisces and Taurus
Opposite (mirror image) with:  Aries

Sexy Libra Traits:  harmonious, beautiful, charming, idealistic, elegant, fair, people-person, negotiator, discerning, extravagant, agile, sensual, and classy.

Devilish Libra Traits:  indecisive, inflexible, superficial, insincere, over indulgent, sexual addictions, repression, extreme liberalism or justice and rigid.

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SextacularⓇ Astrology for Libra

If any astrological sign wants their cake and to eat it too, it’s a Libra!  On the other hand, they are not your average “wham, bam, thank you ma’am kind of lover!”  If any sign wants love as much as they want sex, it’s a Libra.  If any sign wants a relationship as much as they want marriage it’s a Libra.  If any sign wants to be your friend as much as your lover, it’s a Libra.  Are you starting to get the picture?  The true spirit of a Libra is balance and harmony.  Of all the signs in the zodiac they are the only one who has a non-animal or human symbol.  They are the scales of balance, harmony and justice.  They are the center of the middle and idealistic like Apollo, God of Light, reason and order!  If you’ve ever known a Libra you will understand completely.  Their need to balance and restore harmony in all things is so strong they can barely manage it themselves.  You can be assured if you say “red” they will say “blue”.  The other side must always be considered.  If you doubt this ask again a minute later and say “blue” and they will invariably say “red”!  They are not complete if they don’t look at every side of an issue so you better get used to it now.

To understand a Libra you must understand the zodiac lessons they embody in order to teach the world.  They help us explore ourselves as we are seen in the eyes of others.  Libra is the mirror reflecting back who you are in with rose-colored lenses of idealism – your own as well as theirs.  They teach us how to relate to one another but what are we really relating to?  Is it who we project, who we want to be, who others think we are or who we really are?  And who are we really?  Is it who we think we are, who we want to be… you get the idea.  Even more complicated is the theory that we are all One.  If we are all One and connected, who are we really because aren’t we each other?

Are you totally confused by this paradox?  Most people are which is why they are not Libra.  This renaissance sign is the master in balancing these sweeping abstract realities.  They are naturally attuned to order so they teach us how to make sense of this.  In the garden of life they represent the change of seasons.  It’s the metaphorical shift from the self to others.  The garden has been sowed, grown, nurtured and prolific to the point it’s time to shift to the other side.  Fruit stops appearing, seeds drop for the next harvest and energy shifts to a greater purpose – all while maintaining the end of the first season.  This is yet another fine mystery of life that must be balanced.  Libra prepares us for the connection to others with large doses of objectivity.  Our self has not realized it is not The Self until it comes into Libra, which separates its reality.  Picture a young child who realizes for the first time how to sacrifice themselves for the benefit of others.  This objectivity is necessary if one is to experience the next level of Scorpio who teaches intense power dynamics and intimacy in connecting with others.

Balancing a relationship with a Libra will be a constant balancing act!  As much as they teach us to be connected and separate, intimate but isolated they will embody the same.  It’s the grass is greener on the other side dilemma.  They are the most indecisive sign of the zodiac so don’t blame them, they really can’t decide if they want to be with you or away from you.  Then when they decide to be away, they figure out they really want to be with you.  As soon as they are with you they start to think they should be away.  Do you see the quandary?  If you are to survive with this sign you must be able to manage this innate way of being because it won’t change.  They may decide to be with you but then you’ll be on the see saw of should you move to the city or country?  Don’t let this scare you away.  This trait isn’t unreasonable considering everything else they bring to the table!

Libra’s are in love with Love!  They love the idea of love, the act of love, being in love, the word love and anything that has to do with love!  No one loves LOVE more than Libra – man or woman!  These signs are designed for partnership and are usually paired.  If they aren’t they don’t “feel right” or are out of sorts and they just can’t stand it.  It’s more natural for them to be with someone than to be alone.  They are always seeking that elusive, self idealized love in another person.  Love empowers this sign and you get all the benefits of this!  They will wine you, dine you and sixty-nine you!  They love luxury, nice things, pretty clothes, and romantic environments.  Unlike Taurus who loves this but can take it or leave it, Libra can’t.  They must have clean, elegant, and beautiful surroundings.  They just feel better basked in extravagance.  A word to the wise:  no matter what you do don’t leave the wet spot on their side and never, ever be vulgar!  They will not tolerate this – it’s just not harmonious or pretty!  Libra is ruled by the planet Venus which characterizes love, everything feminine and beauty.

Like their fellow air signs, Libra’s must have that mental connection and deeply value friendship in a partner.  They see their partner more as a friend than sexual being at all times.  Sex to a Libra is no more than a glorified friendship of ideals, aesthetics and sensual ethereal love.  They idealize love and their partners so much their fall is inevitable.  Therein lies the risk of a loving a Libra.  No matter how much they love you there is always something on the other side to love.  If “red love” is that good, what is “blue love” like?  Despite being traditional and desiring relationships they commonly have dalliances on the side whether in thought or action.  It will take a strong, dominant, intelligent best friend who appreciates their dramatic love of Love and can ride the seesaw to curb this tendency.  It’s possible to keep them loyal; it’s just a balancing act against their natural grain to explore all sides of all things.

You must also appreciate that sex with them is also an act of beauty not some flippant romp in the hay.  Oh, they will romp in the hay with you but only on a soft blanket, feeding you grapes and kissing you to the point of orgasm.  They aren’t the dirty kind like Scorpio who would bend you over a haystack or Sag who will take you outside on the hay truck!  They are often prudish like Virgo and are usually insecure about their sexual performance, which often holds them back.  They need a gentle partner who understands this and doesn’t approach them abruptly.  Their huge heart is selfless when it comes to love and sex!  They are the masters of oral sex right along with Pisces.  Both will bring you to orgasmic pleasure you’ve never known, the difference is Pisces doesn’t mind the sloppy wetness or scents of sex. They actually love this and the more the better.  Libra will require absolute cleanliness (left over from their Virgo sister), being cleaned shaved and the scent of a fresh flowers!  They will often seek a more dominant lover but never fail to satisfy.  As their dominant lover leads them into unknown territory the Libra will preface it with sensual orgasmic pleasure like they have never known.  It’s as if the Libra sets the stage with pure erotic pleasure so their lover can take them to the place of pure carnal pleasure.  It’s yet another one of those mysteries in life only Libra can balance so perfectly.


Watch out for this flirty, seductive, romantic activist!  While she is projecting her judicial ideals on the world she will barrel you over with luxury!  She’ll win your heart with food, beauty, lavish or thoughtful gifts and make you feel like a King – but only if you are her equal.  This is a requirement for her to even be with you.  Be forewarned that whether or not she commits to you she will demand fidelity from you.  This does not mean she will offer you the same.  A lady like this has many suitors and well, it’s always important to see what is on the other side.  Whether or not she crosses you, don’t cross her!  You don’t want to experience a scorned Libra woman!  Her intellectual mentality, principals of fairness and love of Love are not battle weapons you want to feel unless you’re on her side.  She will embrace her sexuality but she does not want you to worship her, she’d rather you be her equal and respect her mind.  This woman hungers for sex and can be a naturally assertive sex partner when completely comfortable with herself.  This sexual side can be repressed if she enters a relationship before she’s had time to express it.  If she carnally deprives herself she risks unleashing a sexual side to the likes of Jenna James!  You might like this assuming it’s with you!  You’re best defense is a good offense and bringing this out in your early partnered Libra will benefit you both!  In the spirit of the scales one of your best plays will be a sixty-nine… it’s the perfect balance of getting and giving!

Libra MALE

The Libra male is Prince Charming on a white horse!  He will sweep you off your feet after he’s adorned them with glass slippers.  He’ll take you to his luxurious castle full of beautiful flowers, furs and fine items.  He will wine you and dine you in erotic luxury and show you a side of love and sensuality you thought was only possible in fairy tales.  He will make you fall in love with Love like no other man can.  He’ll bathe you in sweet kisses and licks in all the right places and show you utopian orgasms.  You’ll make beautiful love with your best friend.  His lovemaking is not pornographic but artistic – beautiful, languorous and drowns you in sensual pleasure.  This will repeat the next day, the day after, the day after that and the day after that.  After awhile you will be tired of flowers and kisses and want some stability and security.  His indecisiveness will outweigh another gentle orgasm.  This airy man is so in love with his ideals and his ideal of you that the fall from grace isn’t pretty.  The gentle, effeminate traits of this beautiful man that first drew you will drive you crazy because you’ll want a man’s man.  His perfectly polished self and constant focus of this can lack substance and grate even the most patient of nerves.  Invest some stability into this man and you can bring out his best side so he grows into his potentia!  When you give him something he reciprocates and you get something back.  That is how it works with a Libra; it’s all about balance.  If you can master this fine art with a Libra male you’ll always have fun seesaw rides and go home to your best friend, sweet kisses, flowers and orgasms!

How to Attract a LIBRA

Libra’s are like one of the smoothest, most expensive, luxurious brands of vanilla ice cream you’ve ever tasted!  They don’t need any fudge, nuts, banana’s or even a cherry on top.  Savor every part of having a bowl of this ice cream from gently handling the container, slowly scooping a perfectly round scoop to using your best silver to bring it to your tongue.  Once in your mouth, savor the cold smooth flavor until it melts and slides down the back of your throat.  Feed them the next bite then share the bite after that… this is how you attract a Libra.  You must of course be perfectly groomed and I mean perfect.  Chipped nail polish, cracked heels and wrinkled clothes might just have you hitchhiking home.  Libra’s love other people who are as pretty, polished and groomed as they are.  They love symmetry and will be drawn to someone like them.  The pretty, metro-sexual guy with a coy smile and brilliantly white teeth will score a Libra female over the bad boy in a leather jacket any day!  Let the Libra chase you whether they are a man or woman.  It just works better for them with their inherent sexual insecurities.  This might be a little harder for men.  Just let her get things started and then you can balance it out by being her equal while you take her on that carnal voyage.  Ladies will love letting a Libra man court them because it’s the stuff fairy tales are made of!  Make sure you manage this man in his castle so he doesn’t have any secret mistresses in a far wing!