Sex Goodies – Discover New Things About Sex You Never Knew

Everyone wants a Sex Goodie!  This might be discovering a new sexual preference about yourself or your partner.  Maybe you want learn a new sex position or something you didn’t know like cucumbers are aphrodisiacs!

Sex Shop by Ted Drake Flickr

Sex Shop by Ted Drake Flickr


Whatever you are looking for, or not looking for is here!  Maybe you want a recipe to cook your honey tonight?  Check out the aphrodisiacs at The SexKitchen.  Maybe you heard a myth about sex like not having sex before a sports event.  Well, your question is another person’s question and may be answered below.

Or maybe you just want to spice up the bedroom (or kitchen, or bathroom, or backyard) tonight!  Get ideas of how to stimulate yourself and your partner for a night you’ll never forget!  I promise you’ll learn things from me that you’ll never forget!

Start exploring your wild side…