Taurus – Sensitive Bull

Taurus Sexstrology Photo from Flickr

Taurus Photo from Flickr

Sensitive Bull
April 20 to May 20

I HAVE everything NOW and always.

Element:  EARTH (practical, disciplined)
Modality:  FIXED (loyal, enduring, determined)
Polarity:  Yin/Feminine
Ruling Planet:  Venus
Zodiac Symbol:  The Bull

Most compatible with:  Virgo, Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces
Least compatible with:  Leo, Aquarius, Libra, Sagittarius
Opposite (mirror image) with:  Scorpio

Sexy Taurus Traits:

Patient, reliable, warmhearted, loving, sensual, persistent, determined, placid, security loving, down to earth, calm, methodical, persistent, reliable, stable, practical and resourceful.

Devilish Aires Traits:

Jealous, obstinate, possessive, resentful, inflexible, self-indulgent, greedy, obsessed about wealth, jealous, stubborn, hidden temper and can hold grudges for decades.

SextacularⓇ Astrology for Taurus

After the Big Bang explosion of Aires; Taurus brings a solid, nurturing comfort to the bedroom.  Fire signs are great in bed but too much fire burns anyone and eventually Fire will burn itself out.  Taurus, the first of the earth signs brings a perfect balance to the bedroom.  What Aires got started Taurus will grow because that’s what they do!

Think of intimate relationships with a Taurus in the context of a garden and you’ll get a great sense of how things work with this sign.  An Aires will acquire and plants the seeds in the garden.  Taurus will grow them by watering, picking weeds and tending to its every need.  They do not have a problem waiting the days, weeks or months it may take for the seeds to sprout, grow or produce.  They are the most patient of all signs and can wait an eternity for things to develop.  On the other hand, Aires will have moved on to plant new seeds somewhere else or to start a new garden altogether.  For Gemini, the boredom of waiting day after day for anything to sprout might send them flying or dabbling somewhere more exciting.  If that’s not an option they’ll create a windy storm to stir things up.  Heat from the sun sign Leo will help grow the seedlings, but if that Lion roars or the seedlings get overexposed to the fiery Sagittarius they will instantly be scorched to death!  Every garden needs water but not too much like we find in intense Scorpio but a nice steady flow from Cancer or Pisces.  These Zodiac signs, along with other earth signs like Virgo or Capricorn provide the perfect amount of watery emotion and stable elements to grow a lush anything!

Taurus is the first sign to enter the body and all its glorious senses.  They are the pleasure whores of the zodiac and will sell out to anything in their comfort zone of luxury!  This might be expensive toys, shoes or purses with a designer label.  Or it could be a bubble bath, beautiful scents, satin sheets or decadent food.  Speaking of food, you can bet the bank your Taurus will pick food over sex!  This sign loves food, loves to eat and is probably the origin of the saying “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.”  No other sign loves food the way a Taurus does.  If you don’t believe me ask a hungry Taurus if they’d like to have a quickie right before dinner is served.  I bet nine out of ten will say let’s eat and then tango!  I knew a woman who fed a Taurus a triple-decker peanut butter and jelly sandwich in bed after their first night of intense lovemaking.  Not only did he eat it like he’d never eaten before; for years he talked about how that PB & J sealed the deal!  If you remember that a Taurus is a slave to their senses and use it wisely, you’ll have a secret arsenal at your disposal.

Catering to their senses may soften a Taurus but that’s it.  This sign is very obstinate and they don’t do anything they don’t want to do until they are ready to do it.  This is the sign of the bull and much like a bull they will stand in the middle of a ring and not move.  You can tempt them, tease them, sell them or try to convince and none of it will work.  They will not move until they are ready or you antagonize them enough to come at you full speed!  If you’ve pushed a Taurean’s buttons this far, you better run because you don’t want to feel their horns!  If for some reason they walk away, don’t mistakenly think you got away with anything – you didn’t.  They remember everything and can hold onto grudges for decades!  Weeks, months or years can go by and out of the blue a Taurus will bring up something you did that upset them.  Most people won’t remember what they did and wonder why it’s coming up then which can lead right into an argument!  They won’t forget any hurt nor will they let you forget it.  It’s just a matter of when they decide to bring it up.

In the bedroom this Bull can be stubborn.  If they have one position, activity or sexual preference that works for them, why do anything different?  That missionary position is great, works every time and you get the job done.  They are the old adage; if it’s not broke don’t fix it!  It’s not that your Taurus won’t try a new position – they will.  You just may need plant the seed, talk about it for a while, and even poke and prod them.  They’ll probably resist because their favorite word and answer to anything is NO.  You have to learn to let them think about things until they like the idea and it really becomes their idea.  Usually once they try something new they like it, they just don’t like change.  As an earth sign, they are very grounded and stability is their lifeline.  Any disruption to this status quo unnerves them from the inside out.  If you need constant variety or want to try new things grab a Gemini this is their forte!  The methodical, good old-fashioned love making of a Taurus brings a solid, stable nurturing love to any intimate relationship.  They will spend hours languorously ravishing your body in a warm, safe and sensual way.   This slow and sensual lovemaking brings anyone to the present moment and connects partners to an inner source of worthiness.  Taurus is a very accepting sign because they sense who you really are.  Often a bit heavy themselves, they will overlook physical flaws and tend to like thick partners.  They find the simplicity in love and just love.

Wealth and abundance is part of what they materialize in the world.  They may lavish you with luxurious name brand gifts because they want the world to see how they value you and what you’re worth.  If they are not this type of Taurus, they might be the simple kind who will show you value with things beyond a name brand purse or gadget.  They may bring you a card, stuffed animal or the paper rose next to the registrar at the gas station.  If you’re with a Taurus you already understand that one rose carries the same weight as the high dollar dozen roses!  The ring out of the gumball machine might be plastic but they give it to you like it’s from Tiffany’s!  Gifts or no gifts, the thoughtfulness and sheer bull power of this lover is irresistible and a gift in itself!  What’s important to understand is the type of Taurus you’ve bedded and what you’re needs are!  If you like lavish things and being pampered; then look for the Bull who wines and dines the five star way versus the one who takes you to the cabin on your anniversary and makes you hot dogs.  Don’t judge that cabin dinner as being any less than a five star experience because it will be with the sensual, loving and comfortable nature of this partner.

The dark side of Taurus may include being overly possessive with things or even you.  Jealously is common because trust is such a huge factor for this slow loving sign.  They can be gluttonous with food, drink or material things.  They are often very determined, passive, steadfast, cautious and methodical with all things.  They can have a nasty temper and be so practical their magnet allure temporarily loses it draw over you.

Taurus Female

Several famous females will give you a sense of what a Taurus woman is really like.  Think about Catherine the Great, Barbara Streisand, Audrey Hepburn and Janet Jackson.  All of these women are intense and extravagant.  More down to earth Taurus women include Uma Thurman, Jessica Alba and Rene Zellweger.  All of the women, whether eccentric or earthy are stable and surrounded in a world of materialism whether it’s a kingdom, movies or music.  Even though these women are famous they are still the type that prefer to be behind the scenes.  Think of how opposite Janet Jackson and Brittany Spears are.  These Taurean women do not live excessively like the Madonna’s of the world, nor do fall in love easy like the Brittney Spears type girl.  This down to earth sign is the barefoot Queen who rules her people with a spirit of regal naiveté.  She will desire a manly man, expect total devotion and loyalty and provide the same in return.  She will take her time deciding how she feels about you.  In the meantime, her good nature will possess you.  Once she commits she rarely lets go whether is she is being treated good or bad! This sign is fiercely loyal and on top of that they hate being wrong about people.  She won’t need much, just your heart until the end of time.

Taurus Male

The Taurus man is an experience.  Just look at famous Taurus men like Shakespeare, Freud, Malcolm X, and Bono.  All men who display fierce Bullish loyalty to their cause and much like that Bull in the ring, go at it full force!  Taurus represents the age of 7 – 14 the prepubescent years!  This is the age of awkwardness, hormonal rages and sometimes shyness.  Boys this age are irresistible and adorable because they still have that simple good nature about them.  They still know how to have fun and be silly.  No matter how old your Taurean male is he’ll still have that mindset of this age.  Think of Fred Astaire, Al Pacino, Jack Nicholson and George Clooney.  Even as older men they aren’t quite grown up as you see in George Clooney who is known for his prankster ways.  The Taurus man does not commit easily or quickly.  He likes to possess his women and wants them to be very feminine.  He will expect to be doted on with full love and devotion.  He’ll return this love with his own undying loyalty and stability.  Don’t cross him or give him any reason to mistrust you.  Don’t ever lie or cheat because they typically cannot recover from betrayals.  They can also have a nasty hidden temper, which they may internalize or express.  Either way any betrayal (known or unknown because they will sense something is wrong) will slowly destroy this relationship.  Love this man and give him your heart and he’ll give you the world!

How to Attract a Taurus

If you want to attract a Taurus just wave that red flag until you get their attention and then come straight at them.  Don’t worry; it’ll take something to get that bull to move.  They will hear, watch and feel everything you’re doing.  When they are ready to join the party hold on Sally!  If you want to speed things up, over indulge their senses.  Visually dress to kill and smell delicious.  Make sure the environment is beautiful, comforting and sensual – candle light, incense, dim lights, soft music and so on.  Provide a mouthwatering meal and you better make sure you have an extra toothbrush because that Bull may never leave!  They love massages and rub or scratch their backs and watch them melt!  Other erogenous zones include the throat, neck and ears.  General turns on include cuddling, caressing, slow sleepy sex, epic foreplay, teasing and any type of body worship.  The more saucy Taurus might be into exhibition, passive seduction, short hair, hairy private parts, passive anal play, bisexuality or dominant females.